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About Us

We have two store locations in Prince George, so feel to come and visit us. Ask one of our friendly staff for assistance or just wander through the store and relax, surrounded by beautiful displays, plants, and the sound of the wind brushing gently through the greenhouse.


Who is Art Knapp?

A frequently asked question by staff and customers. Mr. Art Knapp started selling fruit, vegetables and popular nursery stock from a small store on Fort Street in Victoria during the 1930’s. His outgoing personality and customer service caused him to outgrow his store. In order to serve his customers better he bought a truck and trailer and sold “Auction Style”. He expanded his operation to the Lower Mainland and added selling toys at Christmas.

Prince George History



Jos Van Hage, owner and operator of the Prince George locations, immigrated to the Vancouver area in April of 1976. There he worked at Art Knapp Plantland in Burnaby. Jos grew up on a bulb farm in Holland and has college degrees in business and horticulture.


In 1979, together with his brother Wil, they started the first Art Knapp location in Prince George on Hwy 97 South. This store is now used to locally grow nursery stock, bedding plants and make soil for resale at the two other locations.


In the mid 1980’s the second location opened on the Hart Highway.


In 1990 Wil moved to Vancouver Island where he owns and operates Art Knapp Plantland – Courtney.


In 1997 the third Art Knapp location was opened on Highway 16 West.


Art Knapp has expanded its product line from when it first started out over 30 years ago with just plants and nursery stock. Now carrying a large selection of giftware, jewelry, apparel and the list goes on. You are sure to find something for yourself and anyone else on your list!

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