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Mason Bee Order

Mason Bees are an incredibly valuable asset to both amateur and professional gardeners due to their exceptional pollination abilities. Unlike honeybees, Mason Bees are solitary and do not live in hives, which makes them less aggressive and safe around children and pets. They are known for their efficiency in pollination; a single Mason Bee can do the work of about 100 honeybees. This efficiency stems from their method of collecting pollen on their bellies rather than in sacs on their legs, leading to more effective cross-pollination as they visit different flowers.

Additionally, Mason Bees play a crucial role in supporting local ecosystems and biodiversity. They are native to North America, making them well-adapted to local flora. By introducing Mason Bees to your garden, you're not only boosting your garden's productivity but also contributing to the health of your local environment.

As they are hardy and require minimal maintenance, Mason Bees are an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their gardens' fruit and vegetable yield. They typically begin their activity in the early spring, making them particularly beneficial for early bloomers.

If you're interested in hosting Mason Bees in your garden, get your order in today, as we receive limited quantities. Boxes of bees are $19.99, to hold your order we require a $10 deposit. Orders close at the end of February.

Bees are set to arrive in mid-April but could be subject to change due to weather. 

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Thank you for your deposit, we will be in contact when the bees arrive.

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